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Finished Caskets

Below is our selection of finished wood caskets. 

2_475 Mahogany.jpg
2_481 Gloss Cherry.jpg
2_458 Maple.jpg

Abraham Mahogany, Velvet Interior

Gloss Cherry, Velvet Interior

Jacob Maple, Crepe Interior

2_452 Radam Oak.jpg

Radam Oak, Crepe Interior

2_430 Oak.jpg

Noah Oak, Crepe Interior

2_M2PAP Brown.png

Stained Pine, Crepe Interior

2_335 Obadiah Poplar.jpg
2_413 Brown.jpg
2_417 Honey copy.jpg

Obadiah Poplar, Crepe Interior

Samuel Poplar, Crepe Interior

Gideon Poplar, Crepe Interior

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