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Torchinsky Hebrew Funeral Home is the only Independent Jewish Family owned and operated Funeral Home in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Torchinsky Hebrew Funeral Home serves all denominations within the Jewish Community. Funeral services are provided according to Halacha (Jewish Law) as well as secular law. At the last moment, we give the ultimate honor to the deceased according to Jewish Tradition and family preference.

Torchinsky Hebrew Funeral Home offers a full range of reasonably priced funeral services, including cemetery monuments and bronze memorials. Services can be held in our spacious chapel with plenty of free parking, at a synagogue or other location, or graveside. Arrangements can be handled anywhere in the country or world. Prearrangements can be made so your wishes can be kept on file. If you choose to prepay, the entire payment is held in escrow and is 100% safe. There is no obligation to prepay.

We care for each family as if they are our own, and in turn, have earned the trust and respect of families in the D.C., Maryland and Virgina areas for years.

"KAVOD in Hebrew means honor, respect, esteem, strong moral principles, and a source of pride. KAVOD – The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels, is proud that Torchinsky Hebrew Funeral Home of the Greater Washington D.C. Area has been a part of our Association since its (KAVOD's) inception in 2002. Since then, our organization of Independent Jewish Funeral Homes throughout the United States and Canada has expanded to include the best and elite family owned and operated chapels. We have been recognized as an educator and authority in Jewish funerals by numerous organizations, including the National Funeral Directors Association, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, and the International Order of the Golden Rule. Joyce has gone over and beyond with KAVOD, serving on the Association's Board of Directors, most recently as our President. KAVOD is proud to have such a wonderful Funeral Home a part of our network as we strive to help the families we serve with the best practices and services across the country."

– Jason S. Goldstein, Executive Director, KAVOD - The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels

My family has been rooted in the Washington Metropolitan Area for over 100 years, and has always had a strong connection to Washington's Jewish community. Thus, when I approached the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington in 2001 seeking guidance on how I might operate Torchinsky Hebrew Funeral Home in conformance with Jewish Law, I did not do it for any business advantage. Rather, I wanted to do things right because of my personal respect for Jewish Law and tradition.


I worked with members of the RCW to develop guidelines for operating a Jewish funeral home. I was gratified when the RCW, unsolicited, offered me endorsement, and I understood the responsibility that entailed. Adhering to those RCW guidelines, I have worked to build a business trusted by the entire Jewish community.


The current RCW has discussed with me the issues they face, and their need to withdraw from endorsing funeral homes. I understand and appreciate their rationale. I accept, and I hope the community will trust, their strong assurances that their decision does not reflect on the operation of THFH during the years of endorsement.


Because my adherence to the guidelines was based on my personal values, I will continue to operate THFH as I have for more than sixteen years, even without the formal endorsement of the RCW. I will continue to seek rabbinic guidance, and I will continue to provide exemplary service to the entire Washington Jewish community.

After all, my real guidance has always been that you are all my family.


Joyce E. Torchinsky, M.S.Ed.

Licensed Funeral Director DC/MD/VA

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